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Success Stories

Terri, Naperivlle

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I have tried many different forms of exercise, but nothing has compared to my Pilates sessions with Stephany. Her training has brought me to a better understanding of my body. I never realized the important role my posture played in exercising, walking, or even just standing. Stephany is knowledgeable, encouraging, and professional. She gives thorough explanations during our sessions, and I have learned so much from her expertise. I now see the importanceof working my core, even in my everyday activities. Since beginning my training with Stephany, I feel stronger and more balanced, and am in better shape than I have been for years.

Pat, Bollingbrook

I am a senior citizen and not in the best shape. I have several health issues and was worried I wouldn’t be able to do Pilates. Stephany was so patient with me, and developed a program that I could actually accomplish! She helped me learn how to do the exercises in a way that wouldn’t hurt my body. After my sessions with Stephany, I feel more flexible, I’m in less pain, and I can even breathe better. I have never had an instructor like Stephany before. She is very motivating and so much fun to work with. She is great for my physical and mental health!

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Marie, Aurora

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I absolutely love Stephany! Not only is she an awesome Pilates instructor, but her knowledge of anatomy and how the body works brings a whole new level to her workouts. Her focus is on so much more than exercising alone. She has taught me how proper form and breathing during your exercise routine is so important. I’ve learned how stress can affect your physical health, and how a positive attitude is crucial to my overall well-being. She really cares about her clients and she is truly dedicated to helping them reach their goals. Stephany has been a huge inspiration to me!

Kaylee, Plainfield

I am a competitive horseback rider, and my trainers told me I needed to strengthen my core. A friend suggested I take up Pilates. She told me it made a big difference in her life. She was right. When I had my first lesson with Stephany, she asked me what my goals were; then she designed a program to address my specific needs. Since starting Pilates, not only have I improved my posture, balance and core strength, my horseback riding has improved as well. My trainers have even noticed a difference. The workouts are challenging, but the results are worth it. Stephany keeps me motivated. She wants me to reach my goals as much as I do!

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